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Deputy President of CITIC Construction Yang Jianqiang Elected as the Vice President of CCCME

Post on:2022-08-31Source:Corporate Management Department

China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (CCCME) held the seventh Members’ Congress and the first session of the seventh Council on August 16. Heads of the permanent establishment of the sixth Council including CCCME President Zhang Yujing and 417 member representatives attended the conference. Yang Jianqiang, Deputy President of CITIC Construction, also attended the conference and was elected as the vice president of CCCME.

The Members’ Congress approved the Work Report of the Sixth Council of CCCME, the Financial Statements of the Sixth Council of CCCME and other issues. Besides, 157 members of the seventh Council and 5 members of the seventh Board of Supervisors were elected, and incumbent CCCME President Zhang Yujing was re-elected. The first session of the seventh Council approved the Rules of Procedure of CCCME Council and the Measures for Contract Management of CCCME. 22 vice presidents and the Secretary General of the seventh Council were elected, and 14 candidates for vice presidents of enterprises were added. All participants unanimously affirmed the conference reports and the work of CCCME.