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84 km Project in East Section in Algeria of CITIC Construction Assists Local Government in Putting out Mountain Fire

Post on:2022-08-31Source:Africa Division

From August 17 to 23, 2022, due to the continuous dry weather and extreme heat, several serious forest fires broke out in El Taref Province, where the 84 km Project in the East Section in Algeria is located. CITIC Construction made every effort to assist the local government in putting out the fires.

Severe forest fires broke out in Calais National Park  at border with Tunisia in El Taref Province on August 17. On the basis of ensuring the property and safety of project personnel, the project team actively shouldered its social responsibilities. It opened an entrance of a construction site in a timely manner so as to accelerate the evacuation of the affected people. The project sent several machines, operators and Chinese staff members of management to actively assist the local firefighters in opening up mountain roads and setting up isolation zones, to prevent the fire from spreading further and reduce the loss of local people. By August 23, the fires in the province had been brought under control.

The provincial government highly appreciated CITIC Construction's participation in the disaster relief. After the Chinese Embassy in Algeria reported it on social media platforms, many local media soon reposted it. Such practice received lots of praise from the public.