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CITIC Construction’s Bridge Crossing Yanqi Lake Awarded China Steel Structure Gold Award

Post on:2022-08-15Source:Domestic Business Division

Recently, the bridge crossing Yanqi Lake in Sanxian Road of Ziyang Airport Economic Zone project undertaken by CITIC Construction was awarded the 15th China Steel Structure Gold Award.

The bridge is 571 meters long and 50 meters wide. Adopting a 50+90+55 meters uprise continuous steel box girder, the upper structure of the main bridge includes straight line sections, circular curve sections and gentle curve sections, with a total steel consumption of 6,585 tons. The maximum width of the segmentation member is 8.3 meters wide and 22 meters long and the maximum lifting weight is 103 tons. Guided by the principle of "high precision and high requirements", the project, in the process of component production and construction, has adopted three-dimensional solid simulation construction, virtual pre-assembly technology, and force analysis and calculation at different stress stages, to effectively guarantee component production accuracy, assembly accuracy, welding accuracy and construction safety and quality.

China Steel Structure Gold Award is the highest honor for construction quality of China's steel structure industry. The award this time is a recognition for CITIC Construction's professional management. The Ziyang Airport Economic Zone project will continue to strengthen technical quality management and contribute to CITIC Construction's high-quality development.