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Iraqi Prime Minister Kadimi Attends the Operation Ceremony of CITIC Construction's Missan Combined Cycle Power Plant Project

Post on:2022-07-13Source:East Europe and CIS Division

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi attended the operation ceremony of CITIC's Iraqi Maysan Combined Cycle Power Plant Project at 8:00 a.m. Baghdad time on July 3, 2022. The project was implemented by CITIC Construction in the EPC+F general contracting model, which is an important achievement of CITIC Construction's implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative. Adel Karim, Ministry of Electricity of Iraq, Ali Dawai Lazem, Governor of Maysan Province and other officials were present. Nearly 100 people including senior officials of the project proprietorMaysan Power Company and local celebrities attended the ceremony.

In his speech, Prime Minister Kadimi said, the Maysan power plant project is a new business card for cooperation between China and Iraq. The project’s operation is an important supplement to the national electricity supply in Iraq. Maysan Province, where the project is located, will become the first and most directly benefited province in the country. The project uses locally produced natural gas as fuel, reducing Iraq's dependence on imported natural gas and providing more power security for the national grid.

Normally, the Maysan power plant will add 750MW of electricity to the Iraqi power grid, and the first unit is currently operating at full load of 250MW. Since the start of the project in May 2019, CITIC Construction project team has overcome many difficulties and challenges such as the COVID-19, extreme high temperature weather in summer, complex local security situation, and fuel supply delays, and achieved the project operation as planned. The quality and progress of the project have been highly recognized by the Iraqi government and the proprietor.

The project team responsible for the Maysan power plantfrom CITIC Construction participated in the ceremony. CITIC Construction builders are proud to be able to recreate high-quality projects and polish the CITIC brand. They expressed that they will continue to make persistent efforts and strive to realize the operation of the subsequent two units as soon as possible to ensure the complete success of the project.