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President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela Attends Key Handover Ceremony of CITIC Construction’s Tiuna Social Housing Project

Post on:2017-08-03Source:Latin America Division

On July 28, 2017 local time, President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela attended and hosted the key handover ceremony of the D Zone of CITIC Construction’s Tiuna Social Housing Project. Dozens of Venezuelan cabinet officials including Minister of Housing and Habitat, Minister of Environment and Natural Resources and President of the Central Bank attended the ceremony. Ji Xianzheng, Economic and Commercial Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Venezuela, Li Zhengquan, Chief Engineer of CITIC Construction and General Manager of Latin America Division and other leaders were present at the ceremony.

President Nicolás Maduro drove in person along the newly-built main road in the neighborhood into the key handover ceremony’s site, and unveiled the monument for the completion of 1.7 million apartments of Venezuela’s Great Housing Mission (GMVV) in a warm atmosphere. Afterwards, Mr. President inspected a bakery on the first floor and a residence on the second floor, during which he spoke highly of the departments’ high construction speed and quality, as well as qualities of roads and other supporting facilities in the neighborhood.

Mr. President personally hosted the nearly two-hour-long key handover ceremony. During his speech, he expressed appreciation to CITIC Construction for its great contributions to the GMVV and other livelihood projects. He also enthusiastically read the names of major Chinese attendees one by one, and sincerely thanked the Chinese people for their contributions to Venezuela’s construction and development.  

The key handover ceremony coincided with the 63rd anniversary of the birth of deceased former President Hugo Chavez. Relevant commemorative activities were held at the ceremony.